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    About the IWKA:

    This fascinating Martial Art of Wing Tjun serves well as a Self Defence as it uses the opponents own strength against themselves by absorbing the energy/force and issuing it back to them. Suitable for all ages, genders, shapes and sizes. Students come along for fitness, self defence, the holistic benefits of our system, physical health, mental fitness, stress relief, a healthier lifestyle, discipline and many other reasons.

    IWKA stands for Internal Wisdom & Knowledge Association and was founded by Grand Master Sifu Sergio Pascal Iadarola who has carried out extensive research into the history and real facts behind this Martial Art. This knowledge is now being shared around the world via the IWKA system.

    SiFu Sergio is one of the first westerners to open successful Wing Chun Academies in Hong Kong and Mainland China. There are now schools in several European countries including the UK, Holland, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece & Turkey. Also in Hong Kong, China & Australia.

    The words “ Martial “ meaning ‘ fighting ‘ “ Art “ meaning ‘the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination'.

    The art of Wing Chun has a number of spellings / translations but all share the same historical roots sometime in the years during the 1700’s. Wing Tjun is the spelling the IWKA use to distinguish their system, some others are Wing Tsun / Ving Tsun / Weng Chun / Wing Tzun that vary from one lineage to another. This Ancient Chinese Martial Art came about by the fusion of two disciplines ; Emei 12 Zhuang and Fujian White Crane and was created for use in short distance fighting.

    After some IWKA training, Wing Tjun allows a smaller person a very good chance against a larger and stronger opponent.

    There are Six Core Elements which are to be mastered and understood as part of the process. These are distinguished as:

    1./ Body
    2./ Mind
    3./ Breathing
    4./ Qi
    5./ Force Flow Handling
    6./ Momentum Handling

    We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our classes to help you on your Wing Tjun Kung Fu journey.


  • Sifu Sergio Explaining the spiral concept in IWKA Wing Tjun

  • GM Hawkins Cheung demonstrating Taiji