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  • Taiji/Meditation

  • Meditation Classes

    A Holistic Approach to Maintaining a Strong Healthy Body and Mind

    We use meditation to increase physical strength and power. Our work and everyday lives cause stress on our body and mind. The use of stillness, standing and sitting meditation helps relax the body and mind without stressing the body. You will feel recharged after a class with a clearer mind and a relaxed body.

    Known benefits through our exercises are to name a few ; maintaining a normal heartbeat , reducing blood pressure, better awareness, better sleep, reduction of stress, improved body alignment , better core strength, awareness of the body’s centrelines, better connection between the mind and body. It is believed to increase bone density also and widely used in China at Medical centres and Hospitals to help patients overcome illness.

    The practice allows the flow of qi ( life force energy ) through the body’s meridians and naturally helps dissolve any blockages that may be present , resulting in the body being able to return to its own natural rhythm.

    What to bring along? Casual and comfortable clothing and a bottle of water. We generally remove any footwear during classes.  

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  • Taiji Quan

    Tai Chi shortened for “TAIJI QUAN“, is an Internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its self defence training and its health benefits. It is used by many all over the world to help maintain and to live a healthy lifestyle. Ideal for everyone, no matter of age, fitness levels, shape or size to increase their activity levels . Taiji consists mainly of low impact exercises with a combination of free flowing movements and deep breathing making it a popular Martial Art with many since it began in the 13th Century.

    It will improve your posture, stability, balance, core strength, movement & awareness. It contains exercises for all the body. There are set combinations to practice, sensitivity training, movements, stretches and much more. Classes will be coming soon so please register your interest so we can keep you updated.

  • Demonstration of Taiji