• IWKA Luton & IWKA Milton Keynes Martial Arts

  • Welcome to IWKA Luton & Milton Keynes

    The IWKA which stands for Internal Wisdom Knowledge Association has a fully structured Belt Grading Syllabus taking Children & Adult students from absolute beginners up to Black Belt level & beyond.

    Our traditional Wing Chun techniques which are suitable for students of all ages are well known for allowing us to borrow the strength from the attacker and use their force back against them therefore being suitable for a smaller, weaker person being able to resist a larger or stronger attacker. Wing Chun provides a very good Self-Defence System for the Modern world.

    We are different from Harder / External styles like MMA, Karate, Kickboxing, Krav Maga. Our training syllabus which also develops internal energy is incorporated into our techniques.

    We'd love to offer you a free two week trial to decide whether IWKA Martial Arts is for you - Book your Taster Class Now!

    One to One training is offered on a regular basis. As well as weekly Adult classes we hold National Seminars through the Year which are well attended by the Students and an Annual Summer Camp in Italy too where IWKA students attend from all over the World.

    We also run a Certified Instructor Programme in the UK. This is open to those who would like to become an Instructor too.

  • Children and Adults can learn the basics of how to defend themselves from their first class. Our classes will also help to improve fitness, confidence, coordination, mental and physical health as well as self-defence techniques.

    Children also learn Respect, Focus Discipline and Leadership. All classes are run by DBS checked Instructors and are fully insured. 

    Classes run in Milton Keynes and Luton.

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  • Call now: 07970467467, Email: Info@beginmartialarts.co.uk

    • What to expect on your first class….

      You will need to wear casual/comfortable clothing and to bring a bottle of water.

      Every student will be welcomed to your 1st class and we will give you a brief introduction about Wing Tjun Kung Fu, the history of IWKA , who we are and why we stand out from other Martial Arts classes and you will join in the same as all the other students.

      As we practice a Traditional Martial Art we take a bow in honour of the Grand Masters, Masters and Teachers and to show respect at the beginning and end of every class or training session, to our fellow students also.

      We will have some traditional warm up exercise to loosen up the body and open up the joints. We practice the Siu Nim Tao form in each class along with basic hand shapes, how we punch, step, defend, kick and move and stand in the Wing Tjun environment. Every class will have something new and practice something different and as you progress you will learn new skills and techniques at each class.